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05 Jul Decoy Wines On Sale

Duckhorn Decoy Sale! Duckhorn has long been known for their high quality Napa wines, and started the Decoy label a number of years ago to bring some of that high quality reputation to a more affordable price point. Run as a separate winery, Decoy keeps the...

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30 Jun Stock Up Bordeaux Sale

Bordeaux Sale Did you know only 3% of ALL Bordeaux is over $100? Yet many think that this region is "too expensive." That simply isn't true! Bordeaux has loads of wonderful wines that over deliver and are under valued. We've also noticed that both Burgundy AND...

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14 Jun Even More New Rosés

New Rosés! [caption id="attachment_17733" align="alignright" width="300"] This bird, she is thirsty![/caption] These two rosés are brand new to our market and the quality is incredible at these prices! 2015 Guillaume Gonnet Tavel Rosé "La Nymphe" On Sale $13.99 (70% grenache, 20% Cinsault, 10% Syrah) This special rosé blend from...

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11 Jun New Arrivals from Paul Lato

New Arrivals from Paul Lato [caption id="attachment_17715" align="alignright" width="200"] Drink up Chuckles.[/caption] We had the opportunity to taste with Paul last year in Santa Barbara and found the wines absolutely enchanting. He is one of the most exciting winemakers in the region, turning out magnificent Pinot Noir,...

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02 Jun Best Austrian Wines from Terry Theise

New Austrians [caption id="attachment_17690" align="alignleft" width="230"] Spät bump? Anyone?[/caption]from Terry Theise! "Thanks to the enormous talents of some of its winemakers as well as the dedication and hard work of high-quality U.S. importer Terry Theise, Austria is bursting on the American scene as a source of superb...

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31 May Sauvignon Blanc Sale

Sauvignon Blanc Sale Overproduction in New Zealand and lackluster production in California has caused Sauvignon Blanc to fall out of favor in the wine world. This is actually a great thing for fans of this ancient French grape, because it means many of the greatest examples...

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