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23 Sep Fiou Sancerre is Back!

Sancerre is a very signature style of Sauvignon Blanc. It doesn't have the citrusy notes of Bordeaux or the strong grassy notes of New Zealand. Sancerre Sauvignon Blancs are like what Chablis is to Chardonnay. The wine is elegant and high-acid, with strong mineral components...

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22 Sep 93 Point Red for $13!

The new vintage of this awesome Italian red is in stock now and it's screamin. And organic, to boot!2015 I Giusti & Zanza Costa Toscana "Nemorino" Red Blend On Sale $12.99 A rich and spicy red with plenty of dried berry and dried orange peel character. Medium...

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21 Sep Argentine Sampler

This thoughtful collection from Argentina shows a snapshot of what the country has to offer. We've got classic Malbecs, a unique Malbec, and something that might be Argentina's next big thing, Cabernet Franc.These two Malbecs are the classic Argentina we know and love. They're dark,...

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09 Sep New 94 Point Sauv. Blanc

This winery in Chile is a project of winemaker Rafael Tirado, designed to show the potential of this higher altitude region of Maule close to the Andes. The wines are incredibly high-quality, with lots of nuance and polish. In stock now!“The Cenizas de Laberinto Sauvignon...

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07 Sep Amazing Closeout Red!

This delicious Italian blend usually sells for twice the price, but we got a great deal as our supplier closed out the vintage and we’re passing on the savings to you! This little gem is from Small Vineyards Imports, a company focused on small, family-owned...

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02 Sep Spotlight: Chardonnay

Chardonnay has an ancient history dating back several centuries and starting in Burgundy, France.The grape is now genetically known to be a cross-breed of Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc (a Croatian grape!!!), which arose in Burgundy, France and caught on there and of course spread...

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