Wine Classes

17 Jul Wine Classes

July 22, 2017

Pacific Northwest

Washington and Oregon are made up of tons of little microclimates, with influences from mountains, oceans, and deserts. Learn how winemakers use the weather to their advantage and produce an impressive variety of wines.
$40 per person

July 25, 2017

Intro to Wine

Learn the ABCs of winemaking while enjoying a guided tasting of six classic wines, so you can start learning your taste preferences.
$25 per person

July 27, 2017

Best Buys

Drink well without spending a lot of money! This class will feature six of our best bang-for-the-buck wines and our tips for rooting out great values.
$20 per person

July 28, 2017

Southern Italy

Sure, you’ve heard of Brunello and Barolo, but in this fun class we’ll explore the parts of Italy that are lesser-known, like Puglia, Sicily, and Campania.
$35 per person

July 29, 2017

Intro to Single Malts

What makes Single Malt so special? Find out in this class where we’ll review the technical details of what makes a single malt, and sample six classic examples!
$35 per person

August 1, 2017

Wine & Food: Mai Lee

Sample the city’s best Vietnamese cuisine paired with six surprising and perfect wine accompaniments!
$35 per person

August 3, 2017

Germany & Austria

You might think Germany is all sweet wine, but that's not so! Sample six complex, delicious wines from two countries we think are highly underrated!
$30 per person

August 4, 2017

Loire Valley

The bulk of Loire wines are consumed in Paris! Learn more about this great region, and its native grapes Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc!
$35 per person