Amaro Tasting

20 Apr Amaro Tasting

Saturday, April 22
1 to 4pm
At the Bar

Amaro is a unique herbal liqueur that some non-experts say has medicinal properties. This Saturdaywe’re sampling two unique and very different Amaros, one from Sicily and one from Kansas City!

Amara d’Arancia Rosso $32.99
The bouquet of Amara is reminiscent of the indigenous fruits and flora that feed off of the Mediterranean Sea’s nutrients abound. An intriguing and unique pallet of candied oranges, licorice, and cloves gives way to hints of elderflower and rhubarb.
Producer’s Notes

J. Rieger Caffe Amaro $28.99
Our Caffé Amaro is a one of a kind take on Coffee Liqueurs. Amaro (the Italian word for ‘bitter’) is a category of liqueur characterized by its bitter, herbal, and slightly sweet flavor which stems from the use of botanicals, herbs, and cane syrup. Caffè Amaro is a collaborative spirit with Kansas City-based coffee roasters, Thou Mayest who selects a single origin coffee roast that we utilize to contribute to the flavors the botanicals generate. Our Caffé Amaro spends a brief amount of time in a whiskey barrel resulting in a rich, bittersweet flavor that works great in cocktails or can be enjoyed by itself after a meal.
Producer’s Notes

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