The BEST Dry Rieslings

19 Jan The BEST Dry Rieslings

We at the Merch are huge fans of these dry styles of Riesling from Germany. They are culled from the portfolio of Terry Theise, who has been an importer and wine writer for over thirty years and represents some of the most exciting estates in the country. Exceedingly food friendly, these wines are eye openers to the quality of great sites and their impact on great wines.

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2015 Muller-Catoir Riesling Feinherb, Pfalz
On Sale $16.99
This is a Feinherb bottling custom-made for me. And it is perfect Riesling. Stupidly salty. Wonderfully long. Riper and nubbier (phenolically) than the ’14 but otherwise, you literally can’t not love it.
Importer Terry Theise

2015 Von Winning Riesling Trocken, Pfalz
On Sale $13.99
This sits next to Dönnhoff as the zenith of quality at the estate-Riesling level. It is sourced from the vineyards in Ruppertsberg, Deidesheim and Forst.
Importer Terry Theise

2015 Muller-Catoir Riesling Haardt, Pfalz
On Sale $23.99
Needed about 60 seconds in the glass but then became wild, sweetly herbal, with tropical fruit showing (as guava); detailed and articulate; a little saline like sweet fresh mussels. Curious how strong yet how whispery. Lovely, absorbing, studious.
Importer Terry Theise

2015 Diel Riseling Trocken, Nahe
On Sale $19.99
The sweet lime and freesia aromas announce a more “feminine” wine, but the palate is powdery and sternly dry. It leaves a fond of roasted bones and black salt.
Importer Terry Theise

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