The Best Muscadet is Back!

23 Feb The Best Muscadet is Back!

This gem is finally back in stock! While some versions of this wine are too acidic and sour, this one has a lush and tropical edge that makes it absolutely irresistible. A steal at twice the price!


2015 Domaine de la Grenaudiere Muscadet, Loire Valley
On Sale $9.99 (lowest price online!)
The grape for ALL Muscadets is NOT Muscadet, nor Moscato, nor Muscat…it’s Melon de Bourgogne, and the wines are bone dry. Muscadet is the name of the village at the confluence of the Serve and Maine rivers. And while all Muscadets have racy acidity, what makes this one SO delicious is how the lush fruit gives the wine such a rich texture not normally seen in these traditionally lighter wines. It’s truly the best Muscadet we’ve ever tasted, a Cadillac quaffer to be sure.
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