Blended Scotch Tasting

17 Jan Blended Scotch Tasting

Saturday, January 12
1 to 4pm
At the Bar

Did you know that more BLENDED Scotch than single malt is consumed in Scotland? It’s true! They believe that by blending the single malts from all the different distilleries together you’ll get a better product, and in most cases we agree! We just received two exclusive blends from The Lost Distillery Company that we think will knock your socks off. This unique operation has created blended malts which are supposed to represent how whiskies from long-closed distilleries might have tasted, using Scotch historians to find out as much about them as possible. Awesome! This particular expression (presented with two different cask finish options) is based on information regarding the Lossit Distillery, which resided on the Isle of Islay from 1817 to 1867.

The Lost Distillery Co. “Lossit” Ribera del Duero Cask finish
On Sale $42.99
Beautiful, coppery red colour as a result of extraction from the red wine oak casks. Layers of cooked red fruits with the classic citrus sweetness and peat smoke character we expect from Islay. A mouthful of fruit, dark chocolate, and oak. It’s a spicy Islay, definitely of the sort one might end the night with.”
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The Lost Distillery Co. “Lossit” Rum Cask finish
On Sale $42.99
Pale golden yellow. Integrated and pleasant Islay smoke and peat in my glass, rum driven vanilla is in there too. On the palate you get a more subtle note of wood smoke, orange blossom and citrus zest and rich fruits from the American cask aging. Light on its feet with a delicate finish.
Merch Notes

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