Cachaca Tasting

12 Aug Cachaca Tasting

Cachaca Tasting

If You Can’t Be in Rio, Drink Like Your in Rio!
1-4 P.M.
At the Bar

Novo Fogo produces the delicious Brazilian spirit known as cachaca, distilled from hand-harvested sugarcane so clean and tasty, they feel a moral obligationcaipirinha to maintain its identity through the process of converting it into a spirit. So they process it minimally, according to traditional methods using human hands and copper pot stills , in tiny batches (130 liters each), and they use no chemicals (hence the USDA organic certification). In the end, you should be able to taste the rainforest, the ocean air, and the tropical fruit of Brazil , lovingly produced in their zero-waste, organic-certified distillery in Morretes, Paran√° . This facility is ideally located where the ocean shore, mountains and rainforests meet.

Chameleon 1 yr barrel aged $31.99 (Pre-sale)

Silver Cachaca $30.99

2 yr Barrel Aged $35.99

Tanager Zebrawood barrel finish $33.99 (Pre-sale)

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