Contratto Aperitivo Tasting

02 Aug Contratto Aperitivo Tasting

Contratto Aperitivo Tasting

Saturday, August 4
1 to 4pm
At the Bar

We’re going to be sampling some knockout before and after dinner liqueurs at the bar on Saturday! These are essentially small batch, hand made, boutique versions of Aperol and Campari! Want to take your cocktails to the next level? Boom! Here you go!

“These days, many cocktail lovers have tried Aperol and Campari. But there’s a whole world of other bitter, red Italian liqueurs out there. Our newest aperitivo crush? Contratto! Campari fans will appreciate their complex array of botanicals; Aperol fans will like that it’s less aggressively bitter. And anyone who loves good drinks will appreciate these are rich and weighty, made from a grape brandy base. Just add soda and you’ve already got a complex drink, but try it in cocktails for maximum effect.”
-Food & Wine Magazine

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