The Girl on the Bike is Back!

09 Feb The Girl on the Bike is Back!

It’s been ten years since Cycles Gladiator came out with its iconic label, great Central Coast wine, and plenty of “moxie.” Through the years, though, the brand lost its way: the label changed minimizing the girl to the point of irrelevance, the wine was downgraded to a lesser appellation, and Adam LaZarre, the original winemaker, left. The two always wondered what could have been… But like any good love story – this one has a happy ending. The girl on the bicycle is back. Adam is back. And both are better than ever!


2014 Cycles-Gladiator Chardonnay, Central Coast AVA, California
On Sale $9.99
“100% Chardonnay, deep golden color. Oak regimen: 70% Stainless Steel, 20% New French, 10% New American. We picked our vineyards over the course of two weeks early in September. The first pick was meant to deliver high-acid fruit to the winery to give me some options for blending the mouthwatering componentry into the wine. The final picks were strictly on flavor and balance. The wines were all cold fermented over a one month period to maintain the delicate aromatics. About 15% of the wine was taken down to one year old barrels while the balance remained in tank. I allowed about 50% of the wine to undergo secondary fermentation to take the sharp edges off and add some other subtle layers of flavors and texture. Bright aromas of green apple and stone fruits on the nose with a very subtle hint of spice from the oak. Rich and ripe flavors of peach, citrus, and marzipan that roll around the back end of the tongue supported by a solid core of acidity. The wine is lengthy and lush. Seamless would be a good term.”
Adam LaZarre, Winemaker

2014 Cycles-Gladiator Petite Sirah, Central Coast AVA, California
On Sale $9.99
“82% Petite Sirah; 18% Syrah and it’s black and inky. Oak regimen: 15 months in 40% New American 10% New American Balance Neutral Oak. Blueberry and gunpowder on the nose with cedar plank and vanilla notes adding some layers. Big, dusty tannins enter at the attack about the same time that the punch of plum, blackberry, and other dark fruits hit. There is a raspberry pop that hits midpalate from the addition of Syrah and offers a bit of acidity to lift the balance of the fruit throughout. This is a mouth-coating wine that offers a nice alternative to traditional offerings of Cabernet and Pinot Noir. Blueberry motor oil that will stain your soul.”
Adam LaZarre, Winemaker

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