Ixsir Lebanese Wine Tasting

04 Aug Ixsir Lebanese Wine Tasting

Ixsir Tasting

Come Taste Great Lebanese Wine

Saturday, August 6th
12-4 P.M.
In Our Event Space

Come taste the wines of Lebanon with Nagi Saikali, who along with the owners of Chateau Angelus in Bordeaux, started Ixsir winery. While most winemaking ixsir elin Europe started with the Romans, it dates back even farther in Labanon. With all the skill that the Angelus team brings, the wines of Ixsir are assured the utmost quality. Nagi will be here to pour and discuss the wines from12 to 4 P.M. on Saturday.

2015 Ixsir “Altitudes,” Blanc, Batroun District
On Sale $12.99
Presenting an elegant swirl of golden glittering robe, this wine breathes a bouquet of floral aromas with hints of Muscat and notes of grapefruit. Floral and fruity, with a sharp and crisp character, this balanced wine reveals a nice fresh palate.
Winemaker’s Notes

2012 Ixsir “El Blanc W,” Batroun District
On Sale $29.99
Clear limpid color with golden touches. Wine with elegant and delicate aromas of flowers, white-fleshed fruits, infused plants and spices, underpinned by a subtle complexity. On the palate the purity of a great Viognier blends with the fullness of Chardonnay to deliver a smooth yet firm wine with a remarkable elegance, minerality, and depth.
Winemaker’s Notes

2014 Ixsir “Altitudes,” Rosé, Batroun District
On Sale $12.99
Recalling the region of Provence, this wine has a marble pink robe with peony reflections revealing an intense bouquet of gooseberry and vine leaves. With its suave fruity, and crispy palate, it will arouse the admiration of anyone passionate about authentic rosé wines.
Winemaker’s Notes

2011 Ixsir “Altitudes,” Rouge, Batroun District
On Sale $12.99
With a black cherry color and garnet reflections, this wine unleashes fresh aromas that vary between red and black fruits, with a touch of oak. Its unique blending gives the wine a supple and delicate character where blackcurrant and blackberry merge.
Winemaker’s Notes

2010 Ixsir “Grande Reserve Rouge R,” Batroun District
On Sale $24.99
Rich in minerals and saturated with Mediterranean character, this wine unleashes exuberant aromas of mature fruits and spices. Its concentrated taste enrobed in a fine texture gives it an attractive liveliness, while its rich and mellow yet always-complex palate lasts until the final touch of fruit.
Winemaker’s Notes

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