Kilchoman Custom Bottling Tasting

01 Nov Kilchoman Custom Bottling Tasting

Kilchoman Machir Bay Tasting

Saturday, November 3
1 to 4pm
At the Bar

We’re so excited about our two new custom vats from Kilchoman that just arrived! These very limited bottlings are our own blends and each one is unique and interesting. You will be surprised at the difference in flavor from only a slight change in ratio of bourbon/sherry casks. Kilchoman’s Machir Bay is the flagship bottling, aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon casks and distilled from barley grown and malted 100% on site (the only distillery in Scotland that does can say this!). Taste both expressions Saturday!

Kilchoman Machir Bay 95% Bourbon Cask, 5% Sherry Cask
Kilchoman Machir Bay 85% Bourbon Cask, 15% Sherry Cask

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