Koval Whiskies Sat 1/14

12 Jan Koval Whiskies Sat 1/14

Saturday, January 14
1 to 4pm
At the Bar

Join us as we taste unique (and organic!) whiskeys from Koval Distillery!


“This is no ordinary rye, because it doesn’t come from an ordinary distillery. Despite being 100% rye grain, this whiskey is fresh and light with a maple-y, candy corn entry and a kiss of spice on the “finish.”
– The Wall Street Journal

Koval Rye Whiskey, 80 Proof $42.99
Only the “heart cut” of the distillate, no “heads” or “tails.” Aged in new American oak from Minnesota. Grains sourced from a local organic farmer collective in the Midwest. Unfiltered 100% Rye. Heart Cut. Single Barrel. Organic.

Koval “4 Grain” Whiskey, 94 Proof $42.99
“The Four Grain is distilled from a mash bill of oat, malted barley, rye, and wheat. This whiskey is aged in heavily charred new oak barrels from Minnesota and bottled single barrel at 94 proof. The four grains define its depth with a banana nose, creamy palate, and spicy finish. Small Batch. Single Barrel. Unfiltered. Heart cut. Organic.

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