Muddy Arch Maya’s Blend

18 Oct Muddy Arch Maya’s Blend

New White Blend from Muddy Arch

What’s cool about this wine is it’s the only Picpoul planted in Napa Valley, from a single vineyard in Rutherford. The Grenache Blanc is from east of Napa, which is why the wine is labeled with the “California” appellation. It’s inoculated with Champagne yeast and aged for 9 months in barrel. Maya’s Blend is named for winemaker Chris Leonard’s niece and it is fantastic! Perfect for fall patio sipping.

2016 Muddy Arch “Maya’s Blend,” California
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This new white blend from Muddy Arch is pretty amazing. It has alluring yet subtle floral aromas, followed by a palate of tart apples, pears, almonds, and a wonderful rich backbone. The laser acidity makes this wine amazing for pairing with a variety of foods!
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