New Picpoul de Pinet…in a Box!

22 Jul New Picpoul de Pinet…in a Box!

Box wines are surging in popularity right now, offering incredible value with a lot less packaging. They’re easy to fit in the fridge, they’re not subject to cork problems, and they stay fresh for a long time because they keep out the oxygen. Where box wines were once frowned upon and assumed to be of lesser quality, now we’re seeing better and better wines making it into boxes. This is a great example.


2016 H. Beaulieu “La Petite Frog” Picpoul de Pinet
On Sale $29.99 (3L Box!)
Picpoul de Pinet (translated as “lipstinger”) is a popular local varietal planted in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It’s incredibly refreshing, tart, and zippy, with lime, tropical fruit, and grapefruit notes and a very dry finish with great acidity. Serve this wine with seafood for a heavenly dining experience.
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