Shrub Cocktail Tasting Sat. 6/3

01 Jun Shrub Cocktail Tasting Sat. 6/3

Saturday, June 3
1 to 4pm
At the Bar

Join us to sample a brand new line of shrubs from Heirloom Bottling Co.! Shrubs are sweetened vinegar-based syrups that can do very exciting things when mixed into cocktails. We’ll sample a variety of serving suggestions, blending these artisan shrubs with sparkling wine, bourbon, and more!

heirloom_lo_resMore about Heirloom:
Established in 2016, Heirloom Bottling Co. creates quality natural syrups and shrubs for your cocktails and soft drinks. We believe flavorful cocktails should be simple and accessible. HBC products are made from all natural ingredients. We never use artificial flavorings, colors or processed sugars.
Our products are crafted with bold tastes to tantalize your palate and punch up your cocktails.

HBCo started with a lot of fruit from the neighborhood farmer’s market and some guests coming for a weekend visit. The simple idea, using natural ingredients to make flavorful drink without a lot of hassle. The results were a huge hit and the concept for Heirloom Bottling was born.

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