Slovenian Pinot Sivi!

20 Oct Slovenian Pinot Sivi!

This unusual Pinot Grigio (called Pinot Sivi in Slovenia) really knocked our socks off. It’s far from the traditional Italian style for this wine, with much more of an earthy, spicy edge. Its orange color makes it all the much more interesting.

2015 Slavcek Sivi Pinot Grigio, Slovenia
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From a winery over 200 years old, this wine surprised us with its elegance. Brief skin contact gives it an orange hue. It is then aged in neutral acacia and Slovenian oak made from the trees immediately surrounding the vineyards. This wine is a complete expression of the area in which the grapes were grown. On the palate, it has notes of dried apricots and figs, with an earthy, spicy finish…unusual and exciting for a Pinot Grigio.
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