Stunning German Wines from von Winning

20 May Stunning German Wines from von Winning

Von Winning Rieslings

Many Americans don’t associate Germany with great wine. Yet, they possess some of the most fantastic soils on earth for bone dry Riesling. All of these wines are from Michael Skurnik imports, notably from the Terry Theise portfolio, our best source for these extraordinary selections. Many of these garnered fabulous press and will be drinking wonderfully over the summer and into the next several years. Need some recommendations? Just ask!

Quantities very limited; act quickly!

2014 von Winning Riesling Ungeheuer Grosses Gewächs, Pfalzungeheuer
On Sale $43.99
Deep, very clear and cool on the flinty and lemony nose, the 2014 Forster Ungeheuer Riesling trocken GG reveals lovely, spicy flavor and gets more and more intense with more aeration. Full-bodied, clear and elegant on the palate, this is a very intense and powerful wine with a very long, complex, very salty and tension-filled finish. This is a very intense and persistent but elegant grand cru worth crellaring by Riesling lovers. This wine should age for ten and more years.
94 Points, The Wine Advocate

2014 von Winning Riesling Kirchenstück Grosses Gewächs, Pfalz
On Sale $102.99
Crushed stones with a dash of lemon juice on the clear, precise, fresh and concentrated nose of the 2014 Forster Kirchenstück Riesling trocken GG lead to a full-bodied, intense, pure, very clear and salty wine with discreet power but great length and finesse. This is purity in its most complex and elegant expression. There is no richness of fruit and no alcohol that tries to impress you; everything here is terroir and subtle winemaking. The wine is cool and almost delicate, and much fresher and stimulating than a Kirchenstück used to be. This von Winning was bottled with less than 12% alcohol and one can surely discuss if a great Kirchenstück needs to have 13% or more of alcohol. The proud price of 140 United States dollars is even more than you have to pay for the prestigious Kirchenstück from Bürklin-Wolf.
96 Points, The Wine Advocate

2014 von Winning Riesling Pechstein Grosses Gewächs, Pfalz
On Sale $82.99
Very complex but also subtle and fresh in its purity and intensity, the 2014 Forster Pechstein Riesling trocken GG intertwines ripe but discreet fruit aromas with the stony basalt flavors form this prestigious vineyard. Full-bodied, pure, round and juicy, this is a nobly textured, piquant and very long Riesling; it has great power, tension and a very long and aromatic finish that displays ripe peach, as well as also some passion fruit aromas. The lingering and stimulating salinity is really characterizing this wine that will get even finer with age.
95 Points, The Wine Advocate

2013 von Winning Riesling Kirchenstück Grosses Gewächs, Pfalz
On Sale $107.99
The pale citrus colored 2013 Forster Kirchenstuck Riesling trocken GG offers very clear and precise aromas on the nose indicating a rather pure, elegant and gentle interpretation of one of the most powerful crus of the Pfalz. Intense and very elegant on the palate, Stephan Attmann’s full-bodied though not that powerful Kirchenstück is indeed very stylish, subtle, and refined. Finishing with a mineral piquancy and salinity this is a rather lean but still very persistent and complex Kirchenstück.
95+ Points, The Wine Advocate

2013 von Winning Riesling Ungeheur Grosses Gewächs, Pfalz
On Sale $47.99
At this early stage, the citrus colored 2013 Forster Ungeheuer Riesling trocken GG (with lime green reflections) seems to be von Winning’s most impressive Riesling of the vintage. Intense, ripe and piquant fruit aromas of limes and grapefruit on the nose lead to a very juicy and salty palate where an almost perfect amalgam of minerals and fruit juice gives a very elegantly structured, medium to full-bodied wine. Then comes a delicious finish followed by a persistent and piquant length. This is a great, bright and energetic wine, whereas the Pechstein and Kirchenstück are still very closed at the moment.
94 Points, The Wine Advocate

kieselberg2013 von Winning Riesling Kieselberg Grosses Gewächs, Pfalz
On Sale $59.99
From a stony plateau above the bedizened village of Deidesheim, the citrus colored 2013 Deidesheimer Kieselberg Riesling GG starts with a fascinating precise aroma of ripe Riesling flavors intertwined with limes, powdered stones and some yeasty flavors. Full-bodied, very elegant and well balanced, this is a fruit-intense and piquant Riesling with a stimulating, salty finish. Still very young but very promising.
94+ Points, The Wine Advocate

2013 von Winning Riesling Langenmorgen Grosses Gewächs, Pfalz
On Sale $59.99
Lime green, the 2013 Deidesheimer Langenmorgen Riesling trocken GG is very aromatic and fresh on the nose indicating ripe yellow fruits and powdered rocks. Very elegant and mineral on the palate, this full-bodied, juicy and salty wine finishes with a long and complex aftertaste. Drink between 2017 and 2024.
93 Points, The Wine Advocate

2013 Von Winning Riesling Kalkofen Grosses Gewächs, Pfalz
On Sale $59.99
Bright and pale green in color, the 2013 Deidesheim Kalkofen Riesling trocken GG from predominantly old vines on limestone/marl soils offers noble upfront fruit aromas of nectarines and yellow plums. Medium to full-bodied it is the mixture of purity, piquancy, juiciness of ripe fruit and the lovely salty texture that makes the tightly woven Kalkofen one of the finest Rieslings of the 2013 vintage in Germany. Fermented in 500-liter barrels, it can age for ten or more years.
94 Points, The Wine Advocate

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