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17 Oct West Coast Double Tasting

Saturday, October 19 12 to 4pm In our Event Space You're gonna want to have lunch before you stop by this weekend, because we've got a lot of wine to taste from two great wineries in Napa and Washington! If you think that all that comes out of...

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14 Mar Sheridan Vineyard Tasting

Saturday, March 16 12 to 4pm In our Event Space Join us as we welcome back our good friend "Big John" Caudill from Washington's best winery for one of our most anticipated annual tastings! This is some serious juice. If you haven't experienced it yet, get on board! 2016...

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10 Oct Sheridan Vineyard Tasting Sat. 10/14

Saturday, October 14 12 to 4pm In our Event Space Come visit our friend "Big John" Caudill from Sheridan Winery and sample their current vintage releases. Scott Greer from Sheridan is hands-down one of the best winemakers in Yakima. We're also sampling a lineup from Sheridan's second label,...

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02 Sep Spotlight: Chardonnay

Chardonnay has an ancient history dating back several centuries and starting in Burgundy, France.The grape is now genetically known to be a cross-breed of Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc (a Croatian grape!!!), which arose in Burgundy, France and caught on there and of course spread...

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18 Apr Sheridan Vineyard Tasting

Wednesday, April 19 5 to 7pm In our Event Space Join us as we welcome back our friend "Big John" Caudill from Sheridan Vineyard for a special edition Washington tasting! These wines are some of the best out of Yakima, no question. This is your chance to preview...

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