Taste New Values Sunday

13 May Taste New Values Sunday

New Values!

Taste them Sunday from 1-4!

You MUST try these three new amazing value wines! We are always on the lookout for wines that taste expensive but come at a bargain price, and these three are some of the best we’ve found this year. Sample all three on Sunday!

2013 Renteria “Salva Terra” Pinot Noir, Russian River Valleytussock
On Sale $9.99
Russian River Pinot Noirs are beautiful wines. The Renteria Russian River Pinot is always the softest and more elegant of the three Renteria Pinots produced. The tannins are very well integrated and silky. The aromatics tend toward bright cherry and raspberry.
Winemaker’s Notes

2014 Luca Ferraris del Martin Barbera d’Asti
On Sale $10.99
The Barbera d’Asti DOCG “del Martin” is produced from grapes sourced from four different vineyards. Like Ruch√®, this wine is fermented in French oak barrels at a controlled environment for about 15 days. It is transferred to stainless steel vats for about a month to allow for malolactic fermentation, then put in 25-hectoliter French oak casks where it rests for about 6 months. Sharpening in casks results in a soft and perfumed wine – lively, deep and persistent. Both dry and rich, Barbera d’Asti is a full-bodied wine that pairs well with many meat-based dishes such as pasta with meat sauces, cold cuts or grilled meats.
Winemaker’s Notes

2013 Woollaston “Tussock” Pinot Noir, New Zealand
On Sale $12.99
OR $9.99/bottle if you buy by the case!!
This charming Pinot Noir comes from an American-owned winery on the Northern coast of New Zealand. The wine is fruit-forward and more on the robust side, with classic Pinot Noir cherry notes and an earthy finish.
Merch Notes

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