World of Whiskey Tasting Sat. 11/19

17 Nov World of Whiskey Tasting Sat. 11/19

Saturday, November 19
1 to 4pm
At the Bar

Join us to sample three different styles of whiskey with Ramona Marten of Classique. You’ll have the chance to taste a Bourbon, an Irish Whiskey, and a Scotch, and learn what makes each style unique.

OYO Bourbon Whiskey Michelone Reserve
Four generations of distilling traditions and one particularly determined grandfather inspired Middle West Spirits’ first Master’s Blend. This small-batch whiskey pairs the finest Kentucky straight bourbon with our award-winning OYO Whiskey to create a smooth, smoky, and softly sweet bourbon that proudly bears the name of the grandfather who inspired it all. The Michelone Reserve is a flavor-forward blend of sweet yellow corn, soft red winter wheat, dark pumpernickel rye, and two-row barley. Master’s Blend. All natural, pot-distilled bourbon whiskey. Kosher. 45% alcohol by volume (90 proof).
2016 US Distillery of the Year, Berlin Int’l Spirits Competition
2016 Double Gold, Berlin Int’l Spirits Competition
2016 Gold, NY World Wine & Spirits Competition
2014 Gold & Best Buy, Beverage Testing Institute Int’l Review of Spirits

Hyde “No. 1 President’s Cask” 10 Year Single Malt Sherry Cask Finish Irish Whiskey
Made from 100% malted Irish barley, distilled in small batches on a traditional copper pot still. Then matured for over 10 years in flame charred, first fill, ex-bourbon casks from Kentucky, before finishing for a further six months in either a toasted Oloroso Sherry 250L ‘Hogshead’ casks made from white oak from Cadiz in the Andalusia region of South West Spain.
2016 Best Single Malt Irish Whiskey, San Francisco World Spirits Competition
2016 Double Gold, San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Usquaebach 15 Year Blended Highland Malt Whisky
Pronounced “oos-ke-bah” from the Gaelic word for “water of life,” an historic brand that brings to life the ancient traditions and historic craft of the Scottish Highlands. It is from this historic name that the very word “whisky” is derived. With a blend dating back to the 1700’s and the name trademarked since 1877, this brand’s iconic whiskies have been around long before Scotch was a drink for those with discerning tastes. Creating blends focused on purity, elegance, and refinement, Usquaebach’s master blenders search for the very best malts and grains from Scotland’s most reputable distillers to bring history to life in the bottle. This has earned Usquaebach the title of “King of the Blended Whiskies.” Made from a marriage of some of the finest Highland single malts, aged carefully for at least 15 years – and some as old as 20 – in oak and sherry casks. When purity and strength is what is desired, this beautiful yet masculine Scotch whisky delivers robust aromas and intense richness.
2010 Gold Medal, “New Release”, International Whisky Competition
2010 Silver Medal, “Blended Whisky Over 10 Year Old”, International Whisky Competition
2011 Silver Medal,“Best Scotch Whisky” 2011 International Whisky Competition

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